Sunday, 20 January 2013

Hibernate fundamental interview questions

Query cache vs second level cache -

Foreign key relationship managing (inverse)-

Other useful information -
  1. What is inverse
  2. Cascade in Hibernate
  3. Hibernate fetching strategy change at run-time 
  4. Hibernate query generation mechanism selection
  5. Hibernate inheritance mapping strategy concept
  6. Hibernate inheritance mapping strategy code
  7. Hibernate implicit inheritance mapping
  8. Hibernate collection and it's usage
  9. Hibernate session flushing
  10. Hibernate flushing strategy
  11. Hibernate commit vs flush
  12. Drawbacks of second level cache
  13. Hibernate filters and their usage
  14. Issues with primitive type mapping in Hibernate
  15. Fetching strategy and their impact in sql query generation
  16. Mapping  java enum to database column

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